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Growth Accelerating Fertilizer for Hydroponic Growth Systems

Growth Accelerating Fertilizer for Hydroponic Growth Systems

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A unique formula of nutrient solution for leafy crops in hydroponic growth systems, the Greens duo contains all essential nutrients for vigorous, green, and healthy growth.
  • The formula was developed exclusively for all leafy vegetables grown in hydroponic systems.
  • Combining the two products in the recommended ratio to the source water tank, allows for long-term excellent results in regular growth cycles, without the need to melt and mix many types of fertilizers.
  • The solution is based on soft water.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Lovely Moore
I trust this.

I have been using these products and they work amazing. These fertilizer never failed. I have been harvesting my green food so often after using these. Thanks!

Peter Hirbert
Great combination

Great combinations. I like this product combination of two fertilizers. I used these on my hydroponic garden and they work very good. There is no fear of using it because it money back guaranteed.

Wade Gibbs
It works

I like its contents, perfect for my lettuces. It works in wonders. Thanks

Jeanne McFarland
It works great

It works great as it should be. Seen results within few days. So happy.

Jana Irvin
Better than others

Tried similar product but this one is the best. I will order more soon. Thanks