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Liquid Fertilizer Soil Rebalancing For Vegetables Flowers and Lawn

Liquid Fertilizer Soil Rebalancing For Vegetables Flowers and Lawn

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Enriched with growth-accelerating minerals, TerraBoost supports plant growth:


  • Rebalances the soil by encouraging the activity of microorganisms.
  • Enriched with Amino Acids, TerraBoost increases the availability of food for microorganisms, which is essential for creating healthy soil and for plant mineral uptake.
  • Suitable for agricultural and home gardening purposes.
  • Based on soft water

Soil rebalancing For Vegetables, Flowers, and Lawn


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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Julianne Donovan
Good Results

Decent product I enjoy the results and have been using it for months. My plants now have a nice appearance. Fast delivery as well. After applying this on my house plants, I saw growth and more robust leaves.

Bridget Franco

Despite the fact that I wasn't watering it, my pothos kept producing yellow leaves. It only required some nourishment, it seems! The problem was resolved when I diluted this with water and gave it to my pothos!

Sherrie Rivers

My grandmother's flowers and plants were all around me as a child. Her living space resembled a garden. To develop my green thumb, I made the decision to grow some plants. Unfortunately, two of the ones I got from Amazon arrived already dead and were terribly damaged. I made the decision to fight for the other 2 and purchased this product. When applied correctly, it works great. My two plants, which I refer to as grandma and grandpa, are currently growing. I'm really excited to watch them reach their full potential.

Cheryl Dixon
Great product

Great products have used it for weeks, this was a pretty good offer. A good general mix of elements for almost any plant.

Yong Erickson
I like this

I've used this product for months on both indoor and outdoor plants. It consistently helps plants with minimal effort on mine. Highly recommended.