Our CEO's Story

I was born, raised, and educated in a Kibbutz to a family of pioneer farmers in Israel. As tradition dictated, I was raised to love the country, to defend it, and, as a natural outcome, to work its land. As a youth, I trained for the army by running through the fields with bunches of bananas on my shoulders.

At the end of my military service, I had no doubt that my future was bound up with developing the land. I studied agronomy and business administration, and upon completing my studies, discovered that our farmers, who struggle every day to maintain their land and their living, paid huge amounts of money to buy fertilizers. Their distress gave me no peace. 

Sheffa (by Deshen Hatzafon) was established in 2012 and complies with a special corporative business model, where the owners are also the customers. We have succeeded in reducing the fertilizers´ prices by over 50%!

Nowadays, the fertilizers that have been nourishing the soil of Israeli farmers, is availble to every home in America.

Best wishes,

Golan Argaman, CEO